The proposed Burlington District Energy System (BURDES) will heat Burlington buildings with the same energy produced by the biomass fueled McNeil Generating Station. Two feasibility studies have now been completed and we are in  the process of getting funding for a business plan. Look at "News" for the latest status.

District Energy Facts

  • proven 99.999% reliable
  • stabilizes energy costs
  • reduces greenhouse gases 
  • frees up valuable space in buildings' basements and rooftops
  • optimizes use of fuels, power and resources 
  • no chemical/fuels stored in home or business

McNeil uses Renewable Energy from Biomass

McNeil uses a fuel source that is locally available, reliable, cost-effective, non-polluting and publicly acceptable. Using wood fuel as a generation source puts money back into the Vermont economy, improves the condition of our forests and provides jobs for Vermonters. To learn more about the McNeil station go here: JOSEPH C. MCNEIL GENERATING STATION